Where to find us.

Where to find us.

Hi everyone,​

The table below is our planned itinary for this year, at present they are still to be confirmed, but we will do that as soon as we have confirmation ourselves.


Event name                                                                                                                        Event / attendance dates


Art and Craft Market in Cardiff Bay 2021.                                                                                   2-4 Jul '21 


Art and Craft Market in Cardiff Bay 2021                                                                                   23-25 Jul '21                                                             


CAERPHILLY BIG CHEESE FESTIVAL 2021.                                                                  Event will hopefully return in 2022


August Bank Holiday in Cardiff Bay 2021                                                                                   27-30 Aug '21    TBC

CARDIFF CHRISTMAS MARKET 2021 – 22-28 November .                                                    22-28 Nov '21     

Location to be confirmed we will only be trading as By Olive, Olive and other bags.                                                                                                  


CARDIFF CHRISTMAS MARKET 2021 – 29 November to 12 December.                               22 Nov -12 Dec '21

These dates are now confirmed, we will be on Trinity Street as Clash-Art, our newish 

venture. We will only be selling our artwork and no bags. 



I know this isn't a lot of events this year, but we have to yet confirm a number of other events, so fingers crossed.





Well that's it for now, watch out for us next year on our Facebook page (@bagsbyolive & @CLash-art), Instagram @Clash113  or here, when we will keep you updated on any and all craft markets where we'll be attending and displaying at.


With love as always,

Team Olive x